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Photograph taken in All Saints but unsure of date.



Mrs Meadows Birthday Bash

Following on from an earlier article regarding the surprise birthday party for Mrs Meadows I am now able to share some photo’s. If anyone out there recognises anyone please add the names …thanks you.

Mrs Meadows


Mrs Meadows, Cath




Patrick murphy


Cath, Mrs Meadows, Ann (Jones)


Cath Woolley, Theresa, Julie, Janice, Mike Wooley, Winifred (Scrivens)




Ruth (Coughlin)


Christopher Coughlin


Angela (Williams), Julie (Watson)




Vincent McCarthy, Mark Powell







Michael & Cath Woolley


Chris and Cath





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Sunday Ramble – 16th Mar 2014

Sunday morning – after Mass cup of tea in the church hall and discussion turned towards the onset of the lighter days and warmer weather.

A chance remark made by one of the group that a nice long walk was in order and very soon it was decided that there would be a ‘meet up’ and they would go off on a ramble.

The walk was to take them to the Skirrid Mountain, Abergavenny and the length of time that it took to ramble there and back was approximately 4 hours.



Pictured here – Martin, Steve, Michelle & Theresa.


If ANYONE is interested in participating in further rambles please get in touch. It is hoped that a different walk will take place each week.

Sunday Ramble -23 Mar 2014

The group met up shortly after Sunday morning Mass and decided to visit the Clydach Gorge, and then onto Llanelly Hill, Monmouthshire.

Most people will be familiar with this area as it is a local beauty spot between Brynmawr and Gilwern. It falls within the Brecon National Park and has stunning natural beauty.

Gearing up….


Theresa, Julie & Michelle



Bit slippery here…..




Not forgetting Woody the dog….


This ramble took approximately 3 hours.

The weather was sunny but cold, however, the very pleasant walk soon warmed everyone up.

Personal Records

We are pleased to be able to inform you that the Birth and Marriage Registers (with a few exceptions) from All Saint’s Church in Ebbw Vale and St. Francis Catholic Church in Cwm have now been scanned.

Three of the Registers pictured here – Liber Bapizatorum, Liber Matrimoniorum and Liber Defunctorum –  Birth, Death and Marriage Registers.

This means that we may now be in a position to offer assistance to those researching their family history.

Because of the cost of  computer ink, computer paper and search time we kindly ask for a donation and a stamped addressed size A4 envelope and we will endeavour to identify the required certificate(s), copy the certificate(s) and forward them on to you.

Unfortunately, because of the poor condition of these Registers personal searches will not be allowed.

Due to Parish commitments phone calls and personal callers searching for family history information will be discouraged.

If you would like to make use of our service then please write enclosing a size A4  S.A.E., donation and a copy of the format printed below to: Mr. McCarthy, The Presbytery, Tredegar Road, Ebbw Vale NP23 6JQ

Letters and searches will be read and undertaken on a weekly basis.

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SEPTEMBER 2012 – over the past few weeks individuals have been requesting information regarding Birth, Marriage and Death details from more recent times. Please note that there does not appear to be any records regarding these events from the mid 1980′s onwards available at All Saint’s Church. If you would like to find out more about this I suggest perhaps contacting the priest or the archdiocese regarding this issue.

The Beginning…

Recently (9/6/13) we recieved the following  regarding the All Saints Church building .

The OS map pictured here shows us where the RTB stable block stood in Ebbw Vale and it was this land that was purchased by the Archdiocese in order for the new church to be built. The map shows Waterfall Road to the left (for some reason now known as Harcourt St and Colliers Row (now demolished) to the right of the stables.


Both the OS map and the sketch pictured here were donated by Mr Tony Lewis of Belfast (formerly of Ebbw Vale).


This fantastic sketch informs us of the architect Mr C.H.Hill of Abergavenny and builders Messrs Foster & Hill of Abergavenny who were employed by the church authorities to construct the  All Saints Church. Many thanks to Tony for sharing this with us.


St Mary’s Chapel / School

Initially the Catholic Church in Ebbw Vale was an old tin hut which doubled up as a schoolroom.

It was known as St. Mary’s Chapel and was situated on Tredegar Rd. The presbytery was a house in the same grounds but faced out onto the main road.

The following parish profile information was obtained via the Archives, Archdiocese of Cardiff.

“The mission was opened on 8th October 1865 and was served from the Parish of Tredegar until 1868 when the first Parish Priest arrived. Mass was celebrated at the school – chapel until 1905 when All Saint’s Church was opened”.